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Sku:MOTOR ATOMO 80 Com Helice Helix

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Com Hélice de Carbo  HELIX de ( 1,25 )

Cycle 2 strokes
Stroke 54 mms
Swept volume 78.2 cc
Bore Ø 47.6 mms
Power 16 hp at 9.500 rpm
Cylinder Single cylinder in aluminum Nicasil chromed  
Piston Diamond profile, 1 chromed piston ring
Intake Silencer airbox – Walbro carburetor WG8 with choke system
Reed valve intake
Cooling Forced air ventilation system with fan and conveyer
Starter Pull starter
Clutch Adjustable centrifugal
Reduction drive Oil lubricated helicoidal gearings – Ratio 1/3.6 – 1/3.8
Ignition coil Inductive IDI
Spark-plug NGK BR9ES
Temperatures  EGT 550° – CHT 150°
Exhaust pipe Hand-made with resonator and db killer chamber
Propeller rotation Clockwise
Fuel Unleaded gasoline – Synthetic oil 1.5%
Consumption 2.70-3.20 liters/hour at 30kgs of static thrust, prop.125cms at 8.000 RPM
Weight 10.5 kg
Max Trust 55kgs prop. 130cms at 9.800RPM

52kgs prop. 125cms at 9.800RPM

Peso 12 kg
Dimensões 45 × 45 × 145 cm
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